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Friday, June 15, 2018

Surveys that pay good money in South Africa

Many people always ask them selves. Is there a real survey company that actually pays people for the opinions shared? The answer is Yes. However, it should be noted that there are a lot of scam sites out there. Yes I repeat. A lot of scam bags out there ready to rip you off your money claiming to be good paying sites and just end up taking your money for nothing. In South Africa, its known as 'Mahala'
Looking for Surveys pay cash. surveys that pay cash are rare but exist!

Well a lot of blogs and other websites only emphasize one issue. They always say if there is a fee on joining any survey company it is definitely a scam. I personally do not fall for this. Do surveys 4 cash is a legit paying survey company. we are fully registered and we do cash out 1000s of dollars to our members . Does this mean we also fall in the same category because we also have paid premium accounts? No, that is the answer. Any one can join us free of charge. however, if you feel like its a great opportunity to earn you extra cash. You can decide to take it on a whole another level.
Well we always say,' Take us serious and we will do the same'
we have premium accounts that will require you to pay a small fee .
  • This fee helps in running our app, of course for you as a member,
  •  it helps on keeping the 24/7 support service live. It helps 
  • It helps in technical department for the premium members. This includes domain,hosting and so much more
That derives us back. We also have paid premiums and its to be noted that premium accounts have got more access to surveys than free accounts Of course . This is mainly because. Free accounts are global accounts and any one can join from across the Globe. In fact its called the 'Global Access' on the main website log in Page. This is because it does not give you filtered surveys yet you are supposed to attempt surveys you have knowledge about or surveys from your country.
So in other words, if you area premium member you are holding an account of filtered surveys. Surveys that suit your demography.
Surveys are  a great way of earning extra cash from home or any where because its fun and easier than most opportunities. Could you relate surveys to "Forex'' I mean, which risk is involved in here!
Its a risk free way of earning. What are you waiting for? Make a step in your life. What have you got to loose. would you want to be the person, 'I wish I heard joined earlier!' Don't wish. Make a decision. Click here to join. See you in the bank probably withdrawing your survey money!